Nikku Nayar was raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Upon graduation, he and his high school band mates went straight out on the road, playing the Western Canadian bar and University pub circuit. He ended up in Toronto, where he studied music at York University. He has been a professional musician and music educator since 1988. He has toured with Simply Red keyboardist Fritz McIntyre’s solo project, and in 2007 he performed with original Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty and original Faces guitarist Robin Le Mesurier. He gigs with many of Canada’s finest session and live musicians, including Mark McLean, Mark Kelso, David Langguth, Mike Borkosky, Sean Kilbride, Paul DeLong, Chris Cawthray, Dan Clancy, Lisa Patterson, Juno award winners Michael Occhipinti and Paul Neufeld, Quisha Wint, Don Pham, Lester McLean, Bruno Ierullo and Bruce Dies.

He has been a member of Kiran Ahluwalia’s band since 2009, performing multiple tours across the United States, Europe and Canada, including dates at WOMEX Copenhagen, the London Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Center, and the Edmonton and Vancouver Folk Fests. He has played on her last 3 studio albums including Aam Zameen: Common Ground, for which she won the Juno Award. He calls his time with Kiran ‘some of the best days of my professional life’ and hopes that everyone gets a chance to see this amazing performer live. As a member of Kiran’s band, Nikku has also had the privilege of recording and performing with Rez Abbasi, the Contemporary Jazz star who is widely considered one of the best Jazz guitarists in the world today.

Music Transcription / Charting

I provide music transcription and charting services, and can also provide guitar tablature on request. My most recent work was the provision of 26 charts for the QW Productions touring show, The Power of Love – Luther Vandross Tribute, and KJ Group's Toronto Premiere of Dandelions In The Wind. Examples can be seen by clicking the thumbnails below. Charts are done in Finale and can be delivered in .pdf or .mus format. I can also have the charts professionally printed by a score printing specialist here in Toronto and shipped anywhere in the world. Rates vary according to the complexity of the material and the time frames involved. Please contact me for details.

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Date Venue/Band Location
Dec 1 Hot Buttered Soul PJ O'Brien's Toronto ON
Dec 2 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Rosedale Golf Club, Toronto ON
Dec 5 Private Event w/ Grooveyard The Drake 150 Restaurant, Toronto ON
Dec 7 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Blue Ant Media Toronto ON
Dec 9 Hot Buttered Soul PJ O'Brien's Toronto
Dec 16 Private Event w/Grooveyard Rosehill Supper Club, Toronto ON
Dec 21 U of T College of Neurosurgery University Club, Toronto ON
Dec 29 Drums & Flats Nightclub w/Grooveyard Toronto ON
Dec 31 The Rex NYE party with Grooveyard Toronto
Jan 19 Sloppy Joe's Etobicoke w/ Grooveyard Toronto
Feb 14 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Cambridge Club, Toronto, ON
Feb 18 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Toronto
March 3 The Rex Jazz Bar w/ Lester McLean Toronto
March 16 PJ O'Brien's w/ Hot Buttered Soul Toronto
March 17 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Toronto
April 1 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Toronto
April 13 Sloppy Joe's w/ Grooveyard Toronto
April 15 PJ O'Brien's with Hot Buttered Soul Toronto
May 13 Private Event w/with Hot Buttered Soul Toronto
May 21 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Hamilton
May 31 L'Arche Charity Event w/ Grooveyard Sip & Twist, Toronto ON
June 1 Uplifting Spirits Event w/ Grooveyard Scarborough ON
June 7 LMT Trio Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, Toronto ON
June 9 King City Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival LMT Quartet, King City ON
June 22 Toronto Jazz Festival w/ LMT Quartet Yorkville Stage, Toronto ON
June 23 Junction Music Festival w/ Slang Dynasty Toronto, ON
July 8 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Presidente Banquet Hall, Vaughan, ON
July 13 The Edge Lounge w/ Grooveyard Ajax, ON
Aug 11 Private Event w Hot Buttered Soul Canvas & Cabernet, Barrie, ON
Aug 17 Private Event w/ Grooveyard A & D Wood Turning, Richmond Hill ON
Aug 18 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Doctor's House Event Center, Kleinburg ON
Sept 2 Private Event w/ Grooveyard Beaverton, ON
Sept 7 Songs In The Key Of Stevie Hugh's Room, Toronto
Sept 15 PJ O'Brien's w/Hot Buttered Soul Toronto
Sept 21 La Rev Restaurant w/ Slang Dynasty Toronto, ON
Oct 7 Private Event at The Brickworks w/Grooveyard Toronto, ON
Nov 30 The Edge Lounge w/ Grooveyard Ajax, ON
Dec 5 The Drake 150 Lester McLean Quartet
Dec 31 The Rex New Year's Eve party with Grooveyard Toronto
Feb 7, 2019 Private Event for Bell Canada TBA
Feb 9, 2019 Private Event w/ Grooveyard TBA
Feb 16, 2019 Private Event w/ Grooveyard TBA
June 9, 2019 Private Event w/ Grooveyard TBA


I maintain an active teaching practice in Toronto. I have never lost the love of teaching. For me, there is a great pleasure in seeing the look on a young person’s face when they realize that they can actually play something they’ve heard, or something they’ve admired. I'm lucky in that my clients afford me the opportunity to ‘be the method’. I can take the time to tailor lessons for each student and make sure that I can engage them fully, working my own requirements into custom-made material that will appeal to them.

Most of my students study guitar, and this year I was happy and proud that one of them who I've been with since he was 9 years old gained admission to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. I also help prepare students for RCM (Royal Conservatory) theory exams at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

At this time my teaching schedule is full but I'm always willing to talk to anyone who needs information and will add names to a waiting list when appropriate. Please use the Contact information at the bottom of this page.

Have preschoolers? Want to have fun in a music class with your baby or toddler? Rainbow Songs ( is the best music school for preschoolers in Toronto. With 20 locations throughout the GTA you are sure to find a location near you.


These tabs are provided mainly for my students so that they can access their songs and exercises at any time. Anyone is free to use them but please note that the material is provided for educational purposes only. I assert no copyright on any of it. Please recognize and respect the artist’s copyright and always support the creators of original content! Most of these tabs were created using Guitar Pro but I am slowly transitioning to the use of Finale for all tab work. Some of these charts are just the main parts (i.e. Verse - Chorus - Bridge and maybe a main riff), and don't show the exact arrangement. Many are taken from the internet and then fixed by me. They are meant to convey either the right parts or the right chord changes. I appreciate the work done by people who do 12 page tabs showing the exact arrangement without any repeats but I always ended up chopping them down to a manageable 1-3 pages. Please note, some of the older tabs have a tempo marking of 120 which is the Guitar Pro default. Before I decided to post these, I would just leave it. One day I'll go back and fix them!







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